Україна – єдина країна. Конспект на тему: “Світ відкриває Україну, Україна відкриває світ”


Автор: Л. В. Талашкевич,
учитель англійської мови,
керівник євроклубу «Веселка»
Новоукраїнської ЗШ І-ІІІ ступенів № 8
Новоукраїнської районної ради


(Round table discussion for 8-9
th form)
Aim: to develop critical thinking, ideas about European integration.
Objectives: – introducing and practicing new vocabulary;
– revising previously taught vocabulary;
– introducing a new grammatical point;
– introducing new functional language;
– developing speaking skills – fluency/accuracy practice/
consolidating recently taught language;
– to create a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere in the classroom;105
– to prepare for a discussion by making notes;
– to participate in a discussion, expressing opinions, agreeing or
– to listen for expressions of agreement or disagreement in a
Materials to be used: Handouts on the topic, PP presentation, Forum
1. Warming up: Complete information/listening/
1) Kirovohrad region is…
2) The present borders of Kirovograd Region…
3) In Heraldry the picture of an eagle is…
4) During the last decade deposits of gold
5) The economy of Kirovograd Region is…
6) The history of the city foundation… etc.
2. Brain storming:
– Can we consider our region to be economically developed?
– Can you prove this?
– Can our region exist without relations with other regions?
– What are the challenges every country faces in this century?
– What are the ways to avoid crises in our globalized world?
3. Introduction to the round table discussion
Teacher.Today we’ll try to learn about the way our region coped on the way to
Europe. We’ll listen to information on the Assembly of European Regions. And after
figuring out all the information you are to be ready to answer the question: What are
the perspectives of Kirovohrad region?
Logo of the Assembly of European Regions
Info #1 The Assembly of European Regions (AER) is the largest independent
network of regional authorities in wider Europe, bringing together over 250 regions
from 35 countries along with 16 interregional organisations. AER is the political
voice of its members and a forum for interregional co-operation.
On 15 June 1985, at Louvain-la-Neuve (Walloon Brabant), 47 Regions and 9
interregional organisations founded the Council of the Regions of Europe (CRE), 106
which would later become the Assembly of European Regions in November 1987 at
the second General meeting of the Regions of Europe in Brussels.
Info #2 AER Priorities
– Promoting the modernisation and internationalisation of regional
– Promoting innovation, growth and employment in Europe’s regions.
– Addressing the challenges of demographic change, migration, health and
social exclusion.
– Ensuring sustainable development and combating environmental
– Developing democracy through diversity, and promoting diversity in culture,
media and education.
– Creating a secure environment for citizens.
Info #3 AER’s mission is to:
– Promote the principle of subsidiarity and regional democracy;
– Increase the regions’ political influence within the European institutions;
– Support the regions in the process of European enlargement and
– Facilitate interregional cooperation across wider Europe and beyond.
Info #4 On November 24, 2005, our Kirovohrad region became a member of
the Assembly of European Regions. The Assembly took place in Strasbourg, France.
The General Assembly was devoted to the subject of innovations and creativity in
Info #5 Since 2005 the official delegation from our region have been
participating in the meetings of The Assembly of European Regions. A great variety
of important topics have been discussed during these years. Among them are the
following: regional aspects of energy-saving technologies, integration, identity and
the part regions play in European construction, as well challenges as for strategy of
European development till 2020 and many others.
Info #6 Kirovohrad maintains economic and cultural relations with near and
far foreign countries. We use best practice, new technologies and we are ready to
share our achievements. Kirovohrad has long-term friendly relations with some
Russian cities, especially with Moscow and Vologda. Many joint projects have been
implemented together with Lower Silesia province of the Republic of Poland.
Info #7 The Charity Foundation “Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Europe”
favoured establishing close friendship between Kirovohrad and Bremerhaven
(Germany). Many collectives from Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and Serbia come to
our city to take part in the international festivals, such as “Art unites children” and
“Children of Europe under one roof”. The Kirovohrad city mayor Oleksandr Sainsus
often represents our state in the Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe
as a member of the Ukrainian delegation, creating new opportunities for further
development of partnership and collaboration with cities in other countries.
4. Discussion. Socratic Questions
– Have you got an idea about the Assembly of European Regions?107
– What are the AUR’s priorities?
– How long was our way to the membership in this organization?
– How would you evaluate the participation in this organization?
– Would you explain why it is necessary or beneficial, and who benefits?
– Can you name spheres of interests of our region?
– Why do you say that?
– How does this relate to our discussion?
– What would be an alternative?
– What is another way to look at it?
– What are the strengths and weaknesses of our cooperation?
– What generalizations can you make?
– What was the point of this question?
– Why do you think I asked this question?
5. Summing up.
6. Home assignment: write an essay on the topic “Twin city of Kirovohrad”.

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