Writing (the first term). Контрольні роботи до підручника О. Карп’юк, 6 клас


Контрольні з англійської мови Карп'юк

Контрольні з англійської мови Карп’юк

Writing  (the first term)

Variant I

a) Yes, there are

b) Maths

c) No, there isn’t

d) Fluently

  1. Match the questions with the answers.
  2. Is there a globe on the desk?
  3. Are there two sponges in the classroom?
  4. How do they speak Italian?
  5. What are you good at?


  1. Choose the correct word.
  2. She is crazy… (on, at, about) school.
  3. … (Where, What, Why) is your address?
  4. Running and jumping are… (games, sports, teams).
  5. Mary is a… (well, good, badly) student.


III. Find and correct mistakes.

  1. Liz have got long wavy hair.
  2. Are there a cinema in your town?
  3. They go football after lessons.
  4. What sports does you like?




Variant II (the first term)


a) Yes, there is

b) No, there aren’t

c) Fast

d) A nurse

  1. Match the questions with the answers.
  2. What is her job?
  3. Is there a whiteboard in the classroom?
  4. Are there dictionaries in the bookcase?
  5. How do they move?


  1. Choose the correct word.
  2. He is interested… (at, in, on) sports.
  3. … (What, When, Where) is your birthday?
  4. Tennis is a game of two… (boys, players, girls).
  5. Dan is a… (badly, well, bad) swimmer.


III. Find and correct mistakes.

  1. They has got large blue eyes.
  2. Is there parks in your town?
  3. She does running every day.
  4. Do he go to the sports school?











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