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Reading (the first term)
Reading (the first term)

Reading (the second term)

My name is Tom Austin. I live in a small town of Durham in the north of England.

This story is about the day when I went to London with my dad for my 12th birthday. I woke up at five o’clock in the morning. When I got downstairs and said goodbye to my mum, Dad and I got into the car and drove to the train station.

On the train, we were talking about what sights we wanted to see. When we arrived at St Pancras Station, we went in search of something to eat. We found a subway café and had lunch there. Then we set off walking around London. Some of the sights we saw were Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey. But the main attraction of the day was a flight on the London Eye. I was really looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint me. At last, we got on the train home. On our way back, my dad and I were discussing what we had seen and done during the day. We both decided that we had really enjoyed our day.




Reading  (the second term)

Variant I

I . Complete the sentences choosing the correct word: lunch, drove, up, town, London.

1 . Tom lives in a small … of Durham.

2 . He woke … at 5 o’clock in the morning.

3 . They got into a car and … to the train station.

4 . Tom and and his dad had … in a subway café.


II Choose the correct answer.

1 . When did Tom get up?

a ) at 6 o’clock       b ) at 5 o’clock     c ) late

2 . Where did they have lunch?

a ) in a restaurant     b ) on the train c ) in a café

3 . Did they see Westminster Abbey?

a )Yes, they did      b ) No, they didn’t     c ) No, they did

4 . What was the main attraction of the day?

a ) visiting Madam Tussaud’s      b ) walking around London

c ) the flight on  the London Eye


III . Put the sentences into the interrogative and negative forms.

1 . They went to London by train.

2 . Tom enjoyed the day.



Variant II

I . Complete the sentences choosing the correct word: birthday, Nelson’s Column, goodbye, north, train.

1 . The town of Durham is in the … of England.

2 . Tom said … to his mum.

3 . It was Tom’s … .

4 . They saw … in London.


II Choose the correct answer.

1 . Where does Tom live?

a ) in town     b ) in the village        c ) in London

2 . How did they get to the train station?

a ) by bus       b ) by car         c ) by underground

3 . What sight did they see?

a ) Big Ben      b ) St Paul’s Cathedral      c ) Hyde Park

4 . Did they enjoy the day?

a ) No, they didn’t      b ) Yes, they did      c ) No, they did



III . Put the sentences into the interrogative and negative forms.

1 . They got up early.

2 . They arrived at St Pancras Station.


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