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Love sport
Love sport

Objectives: to extend students` knowledge about sport in different countries; to develop their speech on the topic “Sport in my life”; to develop listening, reading and writing; to prove how important sports are for our health; to broaden their outlook.

Equipment: recording and tape-recorder; interactive blackboard


I  Introduction

T: Good morning, pupils! How are you? I am glad to see you.

Aim of the lesson

T: Look at the words on the blackboard: mind, a, healthy, body, in, healthy

  • Put them in the correct order.
  • What sentence have we got?
  • Yes, it`s a proverb “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. In order to be healthy we have to go in for sport. So, today we`ll speak about sport in your life.

II  Main part

  1. Phonetic exercises


  1. Repeat the following words after me:

karate                                 swimming

gymnastics                          basketball

football                               athletics

skateboarding                     fencing

running                               sailing

chess                                   hockey

  1. b) Use the correct verb (“play”, “go” or “do”) with these sports.


c)Read  the definitions and name the correct word they explain.
1) A game with a white ball and two goals.
2) A place where you can play tennis.
3) The sport of fight with a long thin sword.
4) Wind is necessary for this sport.
5) A game when you should only think not run or jump.
6) A game with a ball and a high net.
7) It is a team sport on ice.
8) A boat is needed for this sport.

  1. Speaking skills

Answer the questions.
1) What`s your favourite kind of sport?
2) Do you go to the sports school?
3) Do you attend any sports club at school?
4) What sports club do you attend?
5) Are you a good runner?
6) Can you run well?
7) Who is a tennis player in your class?
8) Who likes playing chess?
9) Do you often watch sports events on TV?
10) Is sport an important part in your life?


  1. Reading

Pre-reading task

Answer the questions

  • What`s a race?
  • What kind of races do you know?
  • Do you know anything about races in England?


Reading of the text “Races in England”

In England there is a day for pancakes. It is usually in March. At home families have pancakes for dinner. At school the children and teachers have pancakes for school dinner.

You know that pancakes are very good to eat, but did you know that in England people race with pancakes, fight for them…?

In some villages and towns in England there is a pancake race every year. Mothers of families run these races. First they must make the pancake and then run four hundred metres with the pancake on the frying pan in their hands. When they are running this race they must throw the pancake up three times and catch it on the frying pan. They must not let it fall down.

The fathers and the children watch the mothers and call out to them: “Run, mum, run quickly!”

At some universities and colleges students run pancake races too. They run with their pancakes on the frying pans and throw them up.

If the university or college is near the sea there are swimming pancake races. The students take their frying pans with the pancakes into the cold water and swim with them. They hold the frying pan in one hand. They must also throw the pancake up and catch it on the pan.

Post-reading task

Task. Complete the sentences.

  1. The day pancakes is in…
  2. …of families run these races.
  3. They run…hundred metres with the pancake.
  4. When they are running they must throw the pancake up…times.
  5. At some…and colleges students run pancake races too.
  6. If the college is near the sea there are…pancake races.


  1. Work in pairs

Make up a dialogue

Jenny: Volleyball? Really? I hate volleyball. It’s so boring.
Chris: Urgh. Athletics is awful.
Jenny: Do you like sport?
Chris: Yes, I like cycling too.
Jenny: I like athletics.
Chris: So, what do you like then?
Jenny: What’s your favourite sport?
Chris: Yes, I do.
Jenny: And I like cycling.
Chris: Volleyball.


  1. Listening

Pre-listening task

  1. Look at this photo and say if you know this sportsman.
  2. Have you ever heard about Ian Thorpe?

Listening to the text

Ian Thorpe is a famous swimmer. He’s from Sydney, in Australia. He doesn’t swim in competition now but he’s still very popular in Australia. And he’s also popular with millions of people in other countries. He is very tall – nearly two metres – and he’s got very big feet.

Sport is very popular in Ian’s family. His father, Ken, plays cricket and his sister, Christina, is also a swimmer.

Ian Thorpe is an Olympic champion. He’s got five gold medals from the Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004. He also holds two word records.

But Ian Thorpe is not a typical Australian sportsman. He isn’t really interested in others sports, like football or cricket. His hobby is fashion. He wears expensive clothes and has a company that makes jewellery.

Post-listening tasks

Task 1. Are the sentences true or false?

1. Ian Thorpe is from Sydney, Australia.
2. He is very tall but he’s got small feet.
3. Ian’s sister, Christina, is a tennis player.
4. Ian is an Olympic champion and has got two gold medals.
5. Ian holds two world records.
6. Ian is interested in a lot of different sports.
7. Fashion is one of Ian’s hobbies.

Task 2. Correct the false sentences.

  1. Writing
  2. Complete the tag-questions.
    1. They are not selling it,…?
    2. We don’t live alone,…?
    3. Ann’s on holiday,…?
    4. Tom won’t be late,…?
    5. They were very angry,…?
    6. Sue doesn’t like onions,…?
    7. You’ve got a bike,…?
    8. You can type,…?
    9. They have read these books,…?
    10. She couldn’t run 100 metres in 14 minutes,…?

 Work in groups

Find and correct mistakes.
(Group 1)

1. She is a good runner, doesn’t she?
2. They take part in sports competitions, aren’t they?
3. We didn’t play tennis last week, was we?

(Group 2)
1. He can play football well, doesn’t he?
2. We haven’t taken part in the competition, has we?
3. You are interested in boxing, are you?

(Group 3)
1. You like playing football with your friends, doesn’t you?
2. She isn’t good at playing basketball, has she?
3. He won the race last month, doesn’t he?

  1. Work on the interactive blackboard

Match two halves of the sentences:

  1. An apple a day… a) makes a person healthy and
  2. Wash your hands… b) than wealth.
  3. Exercise can… c) keeps the doctor away.
  4. Keep yourself both… d) before you eat.
  5. Early to bed and early to rise… e) make you strong.
  6. Health is better… f) clean and neat.

T: Do you agree to these sayings and proverbs?

III  Summarizing

Hometask: Project work “My favourite sportsman”.

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