Конспект урока английского языка в 9 классе. Грамматика: Прилагательное.


Открытый урок английского языка

На данной странице вы можете скачать или просмотреть открытый урок по английскому.

Этот урок – пример организации диалогической речи по коммуникативной методике с использованием систем упражнений, ориентированных на повышение уровня речевой компетенции учащихся.
И. Учебные:
1. Формирование умения общаться через развитие диалогической речи
(Научить расспрашивать информацию о незнакомое место):
а) обучение диалогической речи с помощью создания ситуации общения;
б) обучение диалогической речи с использованием текста-образца;
в) Обучение диалогической речи на основе составления диалога “Шаг за шагом”.
2. Обогащение лексического материала.
3. Формирование навыков чтения.
4. Развитие навыков монологической речи с активным использованием прилагательных.
II в. воспитательные:
1. Создание на уроке атмосферы заинтересованности, ответственности и сотрудничества (партнерства).
2. Обучение учащихся принимать самостоятельные решения по решения проблем.
ИИИ. развивающие:
1. Развитие творческих и аналитических способностей учащихся.
2. Создание условий для активного процесса мышления.
3. Развитие познавательного интереса.
НМК “Enterprise plus”, кассета с аудиотекст, магнитофон.
ход урока

Начало урока
Организационный момент.

T. Good morning everybody.
PP. Good morning teacher.
T. I”m glad to see all of you.
PP. We are glad to see you too.
T. Nice day today, isn’t it?
P. It certainly is, it’s a beautiful day.

Введение в иноязычную атмосферу. Сообщение темы урока.

T. Is it suitable for having a holiday?
P. Not really. It’s autumn now. As we know it’s not a season for holiday.
T. Right you are. When do people usually have holidays?
P. In summer or in winter. It depends on their interests and hobbies. Some people like swimming in the sea while others like skiing.
T. When do you like having your holiday? What place would you like to visit right now if you have a chance? Why?
(Students’ answers)
From my introductionary (preliminary) speech you can guess what we are going to speak about at today’s lesson. Undoubtly we’ll speak about holidays and holiday activities. To make our stories better, more interesting and attractive for listeners we’ll learn new adjectives.

II. Основная часть
1. Составление собственных диалогов по теме с опорой на рисунки и образец.

Now look at the text, in pairs ask and answer the questions. (За малюнками і зразком діалогу учні складають аналогічні власні діалоги.)

  1. Читання тексту з підручника “Pacific Paradise Tour”.

 (Додаток 1)

Pre-reading activity:

Exercise 1

Match two things from the list to each place.


1 San Francisco                                               a   cable cars

b   traditional dances

2 Los Angeles                                                  c    zoo

d   Disneyland

3 San Diego                                                     e   golden beaches

f   famous  bridge

4 Hawaii                                                          g   rich people’ houses

h   watersports

Reading the text.

Past-reading activity



For questions 1-8 choose from the places mentioned in the tour (A-D). The places may be chosen more than once. There is an example at the beginning.


A     San Francisco                                               C    San Diego

B     Los Angeles                                                  D    Hawaii


The city is built on hills.                                       0      A

There is a famous theme park.                              1     ….

It is very close to another country.                        2     ….

The local food is delicious.                                   3     ….       4    ….

Entertainers perform as you eat.                           5     ….        6   ….

You can see the homes of famous people.            7    ….

You can see interesting creatures under the sea.   8   ….



Активізація лексики

Exercise 1

Match each word from column A to its opposite from column B.


 A                                                                  B

1  beautiful                                                      a    dull

2  delicious                                                      b   ugly

3  fresh                                                             c   southern

4  exciting                                                        d   tasteless

5  dry                                                                e   wet

6  nothern                                                         f    stale


Exercise 2

Replace the adjectives in bold with others from the list.


Colourful, perfect, delicious, gorgeous, tiny, delightful, huge, fantastic


Last winter I went on a skiing holiday to the Alps. We stayed in a 1) small chalet which had a 2) big fireplace in every room. The weather was 3) good so we were able to go skiing every day. In the evenings we had dinner at 4) nice restaurants in the village. The food was really 5) good . There were some 6) nice shops so I bought a 7) nice jumper. We stayed there for a week. We had a good time.


Організація монологічного мовлення учнів.

Перевірка домашнього завдання

Зачитування творів про ті місця, які учні відвідали влітку (з використанням прикметників). Учні слухають і помічають, які прикметники було вжито у роботах їх однокласників та  яка їхня роль у творі.

Навчання діалогічного мовлення учнів.

Як розпитати про напрямок у незнайомому місці?

1 Систематизація лексичних одиниць (напрямки руху)

above, next to/beside, opposite, below, over, near/close to, by


Look at the map and fill in the gaps with one of the prepositions from the list above.

(Додаток 2)

1 The restaurant is …….. the square.

2 The car park is ……….. the cinema.

3 The school is ……….  the library.

4 The hairdresser’s is ……….. the chemist’s.

5 The chemist’s is ………. the haidresser’s.

6 The museum is …………. the river.

7 There is a bridge which crosses ………… the river.

Навчання діалогічного мовлення з використанням тексту-зразка.

Слухання діалогу, заповнення пропусків у ньому, складання власних діалогів за зразком з використанням лексики напрямків руху.


Pre-listening activity

Read the words giving directions


Turn left/right, go straight on, go past, take the first/second turning on the right/left, carry on/keep going untill you get, turn into



Dialogue 1

Listen and fill in the gaps with the words you hear. Then , read the completed dialogue and mark the route on the  map starting from the library. Finally, in pairs, ask for and give directions a) from the hospital to the hotel and b) from the theatre to the library, using the expressions above. (Додаток 2)

Tom: Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me the way to the post office, please?

Man: Yes. Well 1) ……………. Loring road untill you get to Park Avenue. 2) …………………

And go straight on until you get to Cross Street.

Tom: Okay.

Man: Then 3) ………………. into Cross Street and 4) ………………… the supermarket which is on your left. Cross Mill Street and keep going. You’ll see a hotel on one corner, and 5) …………………… the hotel is a newsagent’s. The post office is 6) ………………………. the newsagent’s. You can’t miss it.

Tom: Thanks very much.


Учні складають діалоги за зразком і малюнком (від лікарні до готелю та від театру до бібліотеки).


Dialogue 2

a)Listen to the dialogue. Where does the man want to go? (Додаток 3)

  1. b) Put the exchanges in the correct order, then read the dialogue aloud.



1 ….  Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the bank, please?

2 ….  I see. And is the bank on the left or the right?

3 …. Oh good. Thank you for your time.


a      No problem.

b      The bank is on your left, on the corner of Devon Street and Prince Road.

c     Yes, of course. Turn left at the end of this road, then take the first turning on your right.


ІІІ. Завершальна частина уроку.

Домашнє завдання

You have to make up similar dialogues to act them in pairs at previous lesson.

The task is in exercise 8 c) on page 27.

Підбиття підсумків уроку

Pupils, our lesson is coming up to the end. I’m happy to say we’ve done a good bit of work during the lesson. Thank you for your work. Your marks are  ….. .

What have you learnt at the lesson?  What activity have you found the most interesting?



Pacific Paradise Tour

The Pacific Paradise Tour took us to California, on the  west coast of the United States, and to the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. With beautiful countryside, exciting cities and fantastic beaches, this holiday had everything.

The first place we stopped at was San Francisco, in northern California. This city is famous for its cable cars – and it certanly needs them because San Francisco is extremely hilly and has some very steep roads! By the sea, next to the fishing boats, there are the fish restaurants. Here we enjoyed watching the street actors and musicians as we ate delicious fresh fish. One thing we’ll never forget is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is very big and beautiful.

The next city on the tour was Los Angeles. This city is very exciting and has some very famous attractions. The nearby beaches are long and sandy and the mountains outside the city are high and dry. We visited the beach where they were filming Baywatch. We also went to Disneyland where we saw E.T. and shook hands with Mickey Mouse. After that they took us to Hollywood to see the houses of the stars who have made a lot of films – and a lot of money!

The last place we visited in California was San Diego, a city with sun, sand, sea and all kinds of watersports. We went to the San Diego Zoo which is one of the world’s largest zoos. We also visited Mexico, which is only a short drive away from San Diego.

Finally, we went to Hawaii. It’s paradise! We sat on golden beaches with green palm trees and watched amazing red sunsets. We also saw colourful fish at Sea Life Park and went snorkelling in Hanauma Bay. In the evenings we enjoyed the lively clubs and ice-cream parlours. Best of all, we ate fantastic Hawaiian food while watching Hawaiian people performing traditional Polynesian dances.

This holiday was fantastic.

So when you have time, get on the first plane to the west coast of the United States and have the time of your life!



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